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Für die Kriminalserie "Elementary" haben sich die Macher etwas ganz Elementary jetzt streamen Wir zeigen dir, welche Filme & Serien bei welchem. Die neue Sherlock-Holmes-Serie "Elementary" (ab DO, , Uhr, Sat​.1) verpasst dem legendären Detektiv ein Drogenproblem und einen. Elementary jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Amazon, Sky Ticket, Sky Go, iTunes verfügbar. Nach einem Drogenentzug in einer New Yorker​. Sherlock Holmes goes America: Ex-Scotland Yard-Ermittler Sherlock Holmes (​Jonny Lee Miller) beschließt nach einer erfolgreichen Drogentherapie in New. Für die Kriminalserie "Elementary" haben sich die Macher etwas ganz Elementary jetzt streamen Wir zeigen dir, welche Filme & Serien bei welchem. Die neue Sherlock-Holmes-Serie "Elementary" (ab DO, , Uhr, Sat​.1) verpasst dem legendären Detektiv ein Drogenproblem und einen. Generell lassen sich die Protokolle in synchrones Streaming, den Transport von Data CarouseData Carouse Packetsed Private Sections Elementary Streams. Streams und Mediatheken. Amazon Video · de · Kaufen ab 2,49 € · iTunes · de en (ov) · Kaufen ab 2,49 € · Sky Ticket · de · Abo ab 9.

Sherlock and Watson appeal instead to his new nurse, Brett Won. Shown photos of the dead victims and asked to give their families closure, Won is able to connect Connaughton directly with Purgatorium and with the two hitmen he employed to murder the test subjects.

But when Sherlock revisits Connaughton, he finds the man has effectively committed suicide by injecting himself with EZM to "extend" his period of freedom before arrest, and the drug will destroy his brain and kill him.

An elderly couple both died in bed at the same time. Sherlock says they are a casualty of another crime committed elsewhere in the building.

Someone burned rubber in the basement, which emitted a toxic gas. Sherlock finds a burned body with a tire around his neck. Clay Dubrovensky was the second floor tenant who worked for the SDS Cartel, growing marijuana for them.

The marijuana plants are dying, which Watson and Sherlock find strange. If the cartel had killed Clay, they would have taken care of the plants as well.

Sherlock discovers a rare orchid in the greenhouse. Sherlock thinks that Clay may have bought and sold the flower in an auction.

She bought the orchid from Clay and Sherlock accuses her of killing him when he did not give it to her. She shows them her plant. Sherlock examines both plants and realizes Clay cloned the orchid.

There are two more murders by a burning tire necklace, including one right in front of AgriNext. Sherlock notes the rope was different from the rope used in Clay's murder.

They speak again with Barbara Conway. He denies killing Clay. Joan meets with Clay's ex-girlfriend. She needed to get plant food from his apartment.

He apparently gave all of his girlfriends a special plant. Barbara Conway meets with Joan. She starts in about who might have killed Clay and Joan interrupts her, telling her that she knows that she killed Clay because he was seeing his ex-girlfriend again.

Sherlock and Joan delve into the background of the murdered woman Sherlock was alerted to, at the end of the previous episode, whose premortem injuries resemble Kitty's conditions during captivity.

Simon is found to be a working for a brothel that kidnaps illegal immigrants, and inspection of his property yields the discovery of the body of one of the brothel's suppliers, among numerous women.

The detectives suspect Simon was injured during the confrontation and went to his sister Violet Tammy Blanchard for medical assistance.

However, the bartender's house where Simon's boat is being kept is found scorched with Simon's body inside. At the morgue, Kitty inspects the body and learns that Simon was not her rapist, as she had broken her captor's fingers in her escape, and Simon's fingers are intact.

Later, Joan, who has successfully settled into her new job at the insurance firm, makes a call to her new boss, Del Gruner Stuart Townsend.

Kitty, overhearing the conversation, becomes distraught when she recognizes Gruner's voice and names him as her rapist.

All parties' suspicions are aroused when Del Gruner abruptly fires Joan from her job. His questioning at the NYPD proves unsuccessful, so Sherlock begins exploring the backgrounds of various kidnapped women subject to Gruner's modus operandi.

They track down a woman named Tabitha Laird, a coworker of Gruner's at a charity he donates to. After Joan suspects a deeper connection between Gruner and Laird, Sherlock learns that Laird's adoptive son is in fact the biological child of Gruner and one of his rape victims on Sherlock's list.

She prepares to kill him and dissolve his body using a recreation of the nutmeg concoction featured in "The Adventure of the Nutmeg Concoction", but Sherlock arrives; however, rather than talking her out of killing Gruner, he compares her situation with his and tells her that she will always be his friend.

Kitty becomes emotional and relents from killing Gruner, but instead burns his face off using the concoction and leaves him to be found by the NYPD.

She later leaves for an unknown location. Throughout the episodes, flashbacks chronicle the origin of Sherlock and Kitty's partnership in London eight months ago.

When a debt collector is murdered, Sherlock and Joan try to narrow down the pool of suspects from thousands of consumers who owed the victim money.

Meanwhile, Joan's romantic relationship with Andrew progresses when he asks her to meet his father for the first time.

As Joan mourns Andrew's death, Sherlock enlists Detective Bell, who is on his day off, to help him find two missing zebras A trademarked color provides the first clue that leads to the thief, an employee of the zoo.

After Sherlock tells her that there was little chance to trace the murder back to Moriarty, Joan tells Sherlock that she wants to move back into the brownstone.

Sherlock and Joan investigate a series of murders in which the killer leaves envelopes of cash on the victims equating to their "worth".

The probe leads the two to investigate an airline crash which killed over 80 people and the amount that each, depending on their "worth", would receive as wrongful death compensation.

Sherlock and Joan realise that the killer is plotting to have the airline switch their method of calculation to making the same payment to every bereaved next of kin - a switch that seemingly is a disadvantage.

Meanwhile, Joan moves into the basement at the brownstone, and seals the interior door so that in future she will have a physically separate space but still be able to work closely with Sherlock.

Her body has only just been found. They suspect Sherlock killed her as he wrote a signed note found in her purse, giving his address and a meeting time.

The detectives disbelieve Sherlock when he says he does not know her. He was on prolific drug use then, which caused blackouts and memory loss.

Maria worked at her church's soup kitchen and as a cleaner at the offices of Councilman Robert Barclay. Sherlock consults Oscar Rankin, a junkie often at the brownstone then.

Oscar knew Maria as he attended the soup kitchen and had boasted of knowing Sherlock Holmes the great detective. Maria arranged a meeting with Sherlock and brought a bag containing bloodied clothes belonging to Barclay, wanting Sherlock to find out whom he had killed, for she had seen him remove the clothes, bag them, and put the bag in a dumpster, and she had retrieved the bag.

Barclay had been having an affair with Kelsey Prior, the wife of a friend, but when she tried to end it he stabbed her, staging it as a robbery gone wrong, and bloodying his clothes especially his shirt.

Barclay tried to retrieve the bag, it was missing, and knew Maria had taken it. He lured her from Frobisher Motel in Bayside where Sherlock often put witnesses whose lives were in danger.

Barclay killed Maria and hid her body, and Sherlock, high on drugs, forgot about her. Oscar mistook the clothes for Sherlock's, assumed he wore them when he disappeared Maria while high on heroin.

Oscar kept the bag in case he needed leverage against Sherlock one day, and fearing police would think he was an accomplice.

Sherlock recognises the shirt style as one seen being worn by Barclay in a wall photo. Traces of the killer's blood found at Prior's murder which will be checked against Barclay's.

Later, Bynum and Matthew Hatano admit they lied at Barclay's behest, and Barclay confesses to both murders. Freed, Sherlock encourages Oscar to quit heroin but speaks harshly.

He gives Oscar a paid reservation at Hemdale drug rehabilitation centre as he feels somewhat responsible for Oscar's condition.

Oscar's sequel to this story is the Season finale "A Controlled Descent". Sherlock and Joan work on the case of a young woman who has been killed and then mummified by refrigerant.

Their investigation leads them to a cryogenic facility where the frozen corpse of another murder victim went missing.

Meanwhile, Joan is facing problems in her family life. Galen Barrow, a driver for a ridesharing company called Zooss Zeus , is deliberately run over and killed by a city cab.

It was staged to look like professional rivalry. Barrow was an internet journalist and had begun working for Zooss recently.

Gordon Meadows, a registered sex offender , admits he killed Barrow but was blackmailed after he broke his parole.

Texted instructions told him to buy a retired city cab, said when, where and how to kill Barrow. Barrow's internet journalism employer, Lydia Guerrero, was having an affair with Barrow and was being blackmailed by an anonymous texter.

Against her protest, Barrow insisted on hunting the blackmailer. She and Meadows have the Zooss app installed on their phones.

Mahra Kemp tells police her brother Patrick worked for Zooss until he was killed in a mugging a month earlier, and Barrow interviewed Mahra after Patrick's death - she suspects Barrow's death is connected.

Sherlock examines Patrick's home, sees he was a sports gambler, and realises he was the blackmailer at Zooss.

Sherlock reviews all Olympus data from the past week. Falchek is arrested: he had cut off Patrick's access to Olympus months before on discovering he was blackmailing users, not to protect Zooss or its users but to avoid drawing attention to his own crime, as Falchek was using Olympus to stalk Felice Armistead and broke into her home where she surprised him and he broke her cheekbone.

Armistead will easily identify him. Meanwhile, Holmes is disconcerted when an Irregular makes an unusual request: "She's asked for a donation to her uterus.

Sherlock is visited by a member of Everyone, the internet activist hacker group. The visitor, username Sucking Chest Wound, explains there is civil war in the group: his faction versus prominent username Species.

Then Errol White aka Species is found killed by a now-missing short samurai sword. Chest Wound's hair is found under the body, White's blood is found in his car trunk.

He is arrested - real name Petros Franken. Rachel, his alibi, denies she was with Franken but later admits she lied. Sherlock reckons Franken is being framed and asks who benefits from White's death.

Franken says White boasted to Everyone's 'inner sanctum' about a stash of data worth millions. Cabel Hill admits he stole the stash, but weeks before White's murder.

He says the stash also contains every hack by White. From the stash Sherlock identifies Species by message style 'fist'.

But there are two fists as Species was two people, a secret arrangement that allowed Species to be online longer. The surviving half of Species has a separate persona, username Tessee.

Tessee killed White when he rejected Tessee's Operation Right Nut - the hack of a right-wing think tank called the Atherton Foundation.

Tessee is traced as being Bradley Dietz. Sherlock reckons that, oddly, Branch wants Everyone to hack Atherton and, through a forensic accountant, finds that Atherton coordinates FBI and Homeland Security investigations with the internal security departments of major U.

If Everyone hacks Atherton the group's members would be arrested for treason and Branch would gain rapid promotion. Sherlock tells Branch he knows her secret knowingly exploiting an illegal immigrant and will report her unless she gives the police an anonymous tip on where to find the murder weapon.

Everyone has been warned about Atherton so Dietz is useless to her. Branch obeys. Dietz is arrested and confesses, and Franken is exonerated.

The body from a car rescued from a train crossing is Garrison Boyd, a debunker. His skull was bashed in by the tip of a garden gnome's hat.

A cult's surveillance photos show Boyd arguing with Collin Eisley. Eisley, a wealthy real estate developer with a Picasso gracing his wall, offered to buy a beach house from Claire Renziger.

She said no. Months later Boyd accused him of trying to scare her into selling, as she is hearing a ghost's voice and banging.

At her house Sherlock realizes she heard Arabic and traces the source to the basement of her neighbors' empty house, where there is a freshly dug tunnel and the murder weapon gnome.

The tunnel's target is Ruby, the world's fastest transatlantic internet cable. The tunneller is identified via a local store's security video - Nadim Al-Haj.

Nadim torches his apartment to destroy evidence and flees with a long thin package. Nadim and Eisley are linked: Nadim was Eisley's driver in Iraq, Eisley sponsored his immigration, Eisley's firm owns Nadim's apartment.

Sherlock accuses Eisley of hiring Nadim to splice the Device into Ruby to steal profitable stock market data. But following prison for insider trading, the authorities monitor his transactions and his stocks are in a blind trust.

TARU and Mason report the Device does nothing - data goes in and comes out without being tampered with, but Mason notes a delay of 4 milliseconds.

Sherlock realises that delay is significant: investment firms with computer servers at 60 Hudson Street have an advantage as they receive data milliseconds earlier than rivals, which is plenty of time for computer transactions.

Eisley's blind trust is managed by a firm whose computer servers are not at 60 Hudson Street. He hired Nadim to splice in the Device to switch the time advantage to his blind trust.

After Nadim killed Boyd, Eisley paid him to stay quiet and, having no non-traceable access to money, paid with his Picasso painting the long thin package.

The Picasso has been reported as stolen, rendering it unsellable, so Nadim, when found, will make a deal with the authorities, and Eisley is encouraged to do the same.

Meanwhile, police officer Hannah, daughter of Captain Gregson, asks Joan to help with a case.

A man shoots two paramedics and steals their ambulance with the patient inside. Sherlock retrieves a bullet casing which is traced to Wallace Turk.

Turk admits killing the paramedics and the patient, Maggie Halpern, but refuses to say where Halpern's body is.

Sherlock's examination of Turk's footwear leads to a salt marsh where Halpern's body has been eviscerated by Turk's partner. The stomach, however, was finely cut and Sherlock determines she was a drug mule but, Joan finds, an unwitting one.

She had just returned from Brazil after what she thought was gastric bypass surgery. Brazilian police indicate Brazilian surgeon Dr Bruno Escanso put heroin inside her, as Escanso stole 40 pounds of medical high-grade heroin from his hospital and vanished.

Turk is Escanso's brother-in-law. The heroin can be cut to produce more heroin of lesser grade, worth millions, but only cartels can handle such quantity.

NYPD plans to question drug gang leaders. Bell and Joan visit the offices of dentist Dr Marty Ward having learned that Janko Stepovic, a drug gang leader, uses the offices since by law they cannot be bugged by the government.

Ward reluctantly admits knowing Janko. Later Janko is shot dead. Ward and his lawyer, Sarah Penley, arrive at the precinct.

Ward says Janko forced his cooperation. A Chinese Triad refused to buy the heroin but stole it and cut off four of Ward's fingers to force him to give Janko's location.

Ward wants immunity from prosecution, which is agreed to when he offers the location of two drug mules' bodies - at the bottom of a pond.

Like Halpern they were killed, drugs retrieved, bodies eviscerated. But then their cavities were filled with rocks and sewn up to ensure the bodies sank - Halpern's disposal was incomplete.

Joan notices the sutures are made of material used by dentists - Ward did it, and has tricked NYPD into agreeing immunity.

He did so as with no heroin and no sale prospect, he cannot leverage Turk to keep quiet. Sherlock, Joan, Bell and Gregson trick Ward in turn, making him confess.

Meanwhile, Sherlock discovers that Alfredo, his recovery sponsor, is accused of prank-stealing motor cars. Sherlock realises that he views Alfredo as a friend, intervenes, and exonerates him.

As being a sponsor is incompatible with friendship, Sherlock fires him as sponsor. Judge Dennis Vaughn is found in the Subway, fatally stabbed with a screwdriver.

He had had sex at his hotel with Loretta Nichols, one of the governor's staffers, but she has an alibi - drinks with friend Andrea Schuster.

Fingerprints on the screwdriver belong to Nikki Moreno who escaped from Pemberton Women's Correctional Facility in NJ days earlier and the police hunt for her is stepped up.

She had been sentenced by Vaughn. Later McCann is murdered with a now-missing 9mm pistol. Jeff Harper, a prisoner rights lawyer, says client Moreno had nothing against Vaughn but hated McCann, and had no reason to escape or to murder as he Harper was soon likely to get her sentence reduced.

He says that Moreno was forced into an unpleasant work detail recycling computers which work exposes inmates to toxins, but Sherlock remembers Moreno's prison record stated she asked for the detail.

At Pemberton Sherlock examines the recycling area, noting how easy it would have been to obtain a screwdriver with Moreno's fingerprints to fabricate evidence.

He discovers her garrotted body in an outside recycling bin. Evidence shows that McCann killed Moreno, and she died before Vaughn. CAG executive, Perry Franklin, reluctantly lets Sherlock and Bell look at McCann's file - he was fired unofficially for corruption but officially for "excessive absences".

The re-election campaign manager for the NJ governor is Schuster, Nicols' alibi, who explains what a scandal the murders are creating.

Sherlock realizes the murders were intended to cause the governor to award the new prison contract not to politically embarrassing RE but to CAG.

Franklin's 9mm pistol is found, with which he shot McCann, and he is arrested. Meanwhile, Sherlock discovers that Bell's girlfriend, Shauna Scott, who is a police officer in an adjacent precinct, also works, unknown to Bell, for Internal Affairs.

Keck and her bees die from cyanide in his smoker. Company executive Jonah Chait denies murder, saying AgriNext had been ready to counter Keck's accusations by discrediting him - he has no relevant qualification only a theology degree and an entomology minor , was a Buddhist seminary dropout and abused drugs.

He had filed a complaint that Keck poisoned his bee hives with deadly mites. Sherlock proves Jarvis murdered Keck, and he confesses.

But Sherlock believes Jarvis' complaint. Sherlock Irregular Harlan Emple proves statistically that mites appeared wherever Keck inspected hives.

Keck's supervisor, Calvin Barnes, had been investigating Keck, which ceased once Barnes became an invalid when he had a heart attack after being stung by bees.

Sherlock examines the Barnes' home and concludes Barnes was forcibly injected with potassium chloride to stop his heart; the injection wound looks the same as a bee sting wound.

But Keck has an alibi. Sherlock and Joan meet Tara and Griffin Parker who are two married professors of agriculture organizing an apiary conference.

He owns the world's most expensive apiary and is interested in CCD, but is a wealthy recluse. Sherlock examines Nasser's hotel room and deduces he has been kidnapped.

Evidence: winch marks on Nasser's balcony rail, hotel lobby camera footage. Sherlock notices that one of the flirting photos Tara sent Nasser shows her with dyed blonde hair and wearing Keck's theology academic gown.

Keck's autopsy showed he had taken Viagra, and her hair is found in Keck's bed and shower. Griffin turns on his wife and crime-partner, furious at her betrayal with Keck.

Tara was there when Griffin attacked Barnes. Meanwhile, Captain Gregson is offered promotion and asks Joan to research his proposed replacement.

Sherlock, deprived of his phone, goes with Oscar to search for Olivia, visiting his former rehabilitation center and an active heroin den, exposing him to the temptation of relapse.

At the heroin den, while Oscar is sleeping, Sherlock steals an addict's phone and rings Joan, telling her Oscar's clothes have traces of the dust generated when stone is cut such as marble or granite.

Sherlock finds nearby that the discarded contents of a stolen wallet contain the driving licence of Jonathan Bloom, a sexual predator who lures with heroin and believed to have killed two women.

Sherlock tortures Bloom into admitting that he took Olivia but she fought him, injured him, stole his money and heroin and escaped in a taxi.

The taxi driver takes Sherlock and Oscar to Olivia's destination, an abandoned railway tunnel. Sherlock finds Olivia dead of a heroin overdose.

Sherlock finds Oscar's boot prints by Olivia's body. She has been dead for two days. All along Oscar knew Olivia was dead. From interior photos of Oscar's uncle's house Joan notes a jacket with a patch "South Shore Memorials", a headstone-cutting business; they head there and start searching.

Oscar tells Sherlock he led him through the places Olivia had been to make him realize Sherlock is as bad as he is. It is inevitable Sherlock will use again.

Oscar tosses a metal box with heroin at him and says he needs one more push. Joan texts Sherlock that they have found Alfredo alive. Sherlock beats Oscar, and picks up the box.

Three days later on the brownstone roof, Sherlock stares blankly at the city. Joan, unable to get him to talk about his relapse, reports that his father will arrive the next day.

Sherlock is determined to resume sobriety. Sexual predator Jonathan Bloom asks Sherlock to find out what happened to his Honduran wife Alicia, who went missing in as, despite rumours, Bloom did not kill her.

Sherlock's believes he had killed two women he lured using heroin. Now Bloom confesses, gives the location later proved correct of their bodies, and kills himself.

Sherlock learns Alicia was friends with another Honduran, Maribel Fonseca; both vanished at the same time. Years before, Alicia, Maribel and their families were being smuggled into the USA by a ' coyote ' who did not pay the drug cartel Escarra their fee for crossing their territory.

The Escarra killed everyone, but Alicia and Maribel escaped. Joan visits Novena Vida in New Jersey, a restaurant both women ate at.

The owner, Juan Murillo, says Maribel visited the restaurant in looking for a tall handsome man. The coyote, nicknamed El Gato the cat , actually survived the massacre, and is described as being average height, jowly, with a receding hairline.

Joan realizes this describes Murillo and that his restaurant has a cat connection as Novena Vida means "nine lives" in Spanish.

Sherlock shows Murillo a video of him fighting off a robber who came to the restaurant in The video was posted online and went viral, which is how Alicia recognized him as El Gato, and Maribel went to the restaurant to check.

They tried to kill him and Murillo admits killing them in self-defence. He may not be convicted for those killings, but there is an extradition treaty between the USA and Honduras, and the New Jersey police serve an arrest warrant for killing a competing Honduran coyote and his wife.

Sherlock meets his father Morland who says he will fix Sherlock's mess. The next day, Sherlock and Joan begin investigating a triple homicide at a neuroeconomics research facility under the supervision of FBI agent Gary Burke, but find themselves at loose ends due to the FBI's compartmentalization of tasks during the case.

Joan is skeptical of Morland's offer and Sherlock explains that dealing with him always involves a cost. Joan meets with Morland and is struck by his sincerity in supporting her partnership with Sherlock.

The case is wrapped up and Sherlock takes his father's offer, but Joan discovers that Morland manipulated the DA into dropping the charges and she warns him that she will not let him hurt Sherlock.

The lab's hard drives with research and security camera footage were stolen. The project was trying to perfect brainwashing. One of the victims Dr Gail Sarkisian knew the killer and let them in.

Her laptop is used to frame Zheng a member of China's U. Joan finds nothing incriminating on Meher but realises from media calls for him to resign that Von See would succeed him.

Evidence: a lab rat died at the same time as the victims, also from the shield's effects; a streak of rubber from the base of her crutch by the device's storage closet.

The department investigates the murder of two men, one of whom appeared to be impersonating the other. Meanwhile, Sherlock confronts Morland about his continued presence in New York and agrees to help him with a "puzzle" to hasten his departure.

While Joan and Bell investigate a facial recognition system that is being used to find doppelgangers, Sherlock attends a dinner party to investigate a woman who holds an injunction against one of Morland's potential business ventures.

Afterwards, Morland tries to reconcile with his son, saying that he intends to stay in New York indefinitely and hopes to work with Sherlock again.

Sherlock and Joan investigate a missing lab technician who works in the fertility clinic of the hospital where Joan used to work. The woman's skeleton is found stripped and assembled as an educational tool for medical students.

Meanwhile, Joan meets with an old friend and finds out that a Detective Cortez has been asking questions about her.

It turns out that the victim was in a group marriage with two doctors who reveal that she was dying of pancreatic cancer.

It is then revealed that one of her husbands had been deliberately misdiagnosing people because he could create impressive cancer remission rates and increase monetary profit.

She noticed when she was receiving chemotherapy in his clinic and challenged him, so he murdered her. When Joan confronts Cortez, the woman voices a dislike of consultants investigating cops and is suspicious about Sherlock and Joan's sudden return to the force.

Joan has a boxing match with her as a way of approaching her as an equal. Alfredo tells Joan that Sherlock has been avoiding him.

The case of a dead archaeologist presents new mysteries, as the detectives find out that he was digging up an old landfill from the s.

The man was searching for Nottingham Knights , an old video game from the s that was never released because of monumentally bad advance reviews.

Joan tells Sherlock about Alfredo, so Sherlock pays him a visit and tells him that he needs new routines to keep up his sobriety.

When the video games turn up elsewhere, Joan goes searching for another lead from the landfill and finds a chemical company that was illegally dumping toxic chemicals.

The land owner had the archaeologist killed to prevent him from revealing the chemical dumping and blowing a multi-million dollar deal.

Sherlock realizes that Alfredo has been going to more meetings than usual and the two renew their friendship. Not a word! Into your clothes and come!

A sniper shoots nine people, killing four, in the financial district and Morland visits Sherlock at the brownstone to offer his help.

Although the shooting appears random, it is too precise, concealing the true target. Morland's contact in Interpol, Lukas, finds out that shooter-for-hire Gagnier was paid in a Swiss bank account by a shell subsidiary of Dynastic Energies.

The CEO of Dynastic Energies, Bill Wellstone, was having an affair with his lawyer's wife, Sarah; he found out that she had left him for plumber Frank Bova, the true target of the shooting.

Wellstone had used a golf bag to smuggle the sniper's weapon into the building, leaving behind gun oil residue that becomes evidence.

Over dinner with Morland, Lukas voices his suspicion that Morland has not been helping Sherlock out of goodness, but rather is risking Sherlock's life.

Lukas demands 5 million euros to keep his mouth shut, at which point Morland heavily implies that he had Lukas' predecessor killed for a similar transgression.

Mina was kidnapped aged 8 and escaped her captor 14 months prior after 10 years in captivity and returned to her parents Nancy and Richard Davenport Raphael Sbarge.

Sherlock determines that the woman claiming to be Mina is an impostor, and believes that Underhill had come to believe this too hence his murder.

She reveals herself as a girl named Cassie who is conning the Davenports for Mina's trust fund, but now believes they actually killed their daughter.

Not trusting her, Sherlock instigates further investigation, finding Underhill's blood in Mina's car.

Richard Davenport confesses to Underhill's murder, but Sherlock realizes he is not the murderer but is sacrificing himself for Mina.

Sherlock believes that Cassie had attacked the real Mina and probably killed the agent. Meanwhile, Joan confronts her stepfather John Heard about writing a barely disguised book about her and Sherlock.

Ellen Jacobs, two months pregnant despite having had a tubal ligation, is found suffocated in her car by a plastic bag. Sherlock and Joan discover that her husband medically could not have been the father.

Ellen is the daughter of an imprisoned killer whose modus operandi matches her death. Her lover is the realtor selling the Jacobs' house, whose mother was killed by Ellen's father; he is the prime suspect until he is attacked and hospitalised by the husband.

The husband is arrested but Sherlock deduces her brother Nolan is the true killer, hence Ellen saying "No. Nolan confesses - Ellen and he had had an agreement not to pass on their father's genes so he killed her when he found she was pregnant.

Meanwhile, Joan is helping Bell study for the Sergeant's exam. Sherlock takes over Bell's tutelage and ascertains he does not want the promotion but needs the pay raise to help his ailing mother.

Morland asks Joan to dine with him at a restaurant opening. Maxim Zolotov, a Russian oligarch , is shot and killed, and the two shooters are killed immediately afterward when their car is hacked.

An analysis of the hacked code leads to Pentillion, a company creating automated vehicles, who admit that they were hacked by a rival company with which Zolotov was conducting business.

Sherlock speaks with a Russian spy, who says that Zolotov was supposed to be on a government mission, not business.

At dinner, Morland mentions that he knows that Mycroft is alive. He also says that he has been banking his own blood and asks Joan if she will check on a blood bank in New York.

The involvement of diplomatic negotiations between Russia and Ukraine causes the case to be taken over by federal agents, but Sherlock continues searching for the instigator of the shooting, with Joan asking Morland for information on arms dealers making money off the war.

The only one who would profit from the war continuing is Pentillion, by selling rocket engines while the Russian ones were off the market.

Joan suspects that Morland was shot once before and may still be a target. Sherlock confronts Morland about the danger surrounding him, but Morland downplays it by saying that the assassin has been dealt with, a story Sherlock disbelieves.

Two weeks later, Sherlock is turning up only empty leads. Lily Cooper, the owner of a halfway house under siege by Fairbridge, a for-profit university, suspects that a murder is more than it seems to be.

Joan finds a team of thieves who witnessed the murder, while Sherlock corners Morland's Interpol contact Lukas. Bell obtains a sketch of the murder suspect, but Lily turns up dead as well.

Startled by Lukas' violent refusal to speak, Sherlock returns to Morland with the accusation that Morland suspected him of the shooting; Morland admits that Sherlock was, at one time, a suspect.

Sherlock demands that he leave New York. The man in the sketch is identified by the halfway house staff but, while he confesses to both murders, Bell finds he has an alibi for Lily's.

Morland apologizes for his suspicions, explains away Lukas' fear and agrees to return to London. The CEO of Fairbridge was using the indebted ex-con students to murder or otherwise endanger anyone who threatened the college.

Sherlock tells his father that Lukas' predecessor was spying on Morland, agreeing to investigate the case of Morland's shooting due to his anger at his reputation being besmirched.

A bomb hidden inside a body explodes in the morgue, destroying the evidence for several crimes. Sherlock discerns which case was the target of the bombing.

Despite the lack of a body, the victim is identified as Janet, a woman who made a small profit selling drugs.

A secret camera in Janet's kitchen reveals Toby, one of her clients, was spying on her. Toby's journals are found to be full of descriptions of ways to kill Janet, but his alibi leads Sherlock to suspect his father of killing her to protect his son.

When confronted with the possibility of Toby going to jail, his father confesses. At the same time, Detective Cortez visits the precinct to ask for Joan's help finding an elusive suspect.

Joan is frustrated when Cortez refuses to explain her questionable rationale and Sherlock suspects that Joan is being framed for an assault.

Cortez reveals that she committed the assault as an act of justice — the man she attacked had violently assaulted a girl, leaving her with permanent brain damage — and requests Joan's help in the future, noting that she and Sherlock have taken similar actions in the past.

Joan confronts Cortez about selfishly hurting others and threatens to expose her if she ever does it again. A colleague of Gregson's asks Sherlock for help infiltrating the headquarters of a drug-dealing biker gang.

Sherlock plans the heist using information provided by an undercover cop in the organization, but the inside man is killed before they can carry it out.

The man's body camera records the moment of his death and eventually, discrepancies between the recording and the real scene lead Sherlock to conclude that the video was staged at a different location.

The man and his partner wanted to incite a police raid on the gang, but his partner killed him over the gang's money. Meanwhile, Joan assists Fiona Helbron, who helped the duo on a recent case and wants to ensure that her new boss is not a criminal.

In their interactions, Joan realizes that Sherlock is interested in Fiona romantically. Fiona tells Sherlock she likes him and they begin a relationship.

A professor and a group of students are killed when they consume mushrooms tainted with synthetic deathcap mushroom toxin.

Sherlock questions the professor's former associate, Austin Harper, who said that although they had a falling out, they had made their peace.

The professor's stash leads them to another body, Charlotte Koenig. Figuring that Charlotte was the intended target, they continue the investigation and discover that Charlotte was producing counterfeit erectile dysfunction pills in exchange for property.

The property was strategically located to try to squeeze money out of a pharmaceutical company that Charlotte felt had stolen her idea and profited hugely off of it.

Sherlock and company eventually discover that the very same Austin Harper was actually married to Charlotte and stood to gain millions by selling the property to the pharmaceutical company.

Meanwhile, Joan decides to deal with the noisy next door neighbors and discovers that the neighbor has turned his residence into a short-term rental catering to the loud and rambunctious set, all as revenge for Sherlock and Joan's repeated disturbances of the peace over the years.

After a fire breaks out at the residence, Joan uses the brownstone's security cameras to prove that it was arson, thus ensuring the neighbor gets the insurance money.

She also gives him a flyer on soundproofing, which they are offering to pay for, as well as a jar of honey from Sherlock's honey bees.

Sherlock and Joan scam their way into the house of Morland's "stepdaughter," because they suspect his mistress to be involved in the assassination attempt that ultimately cost her her life.

Morland returns to the brownstone and infuriatedly explains to Sherlock that Sabine's death was his full responsibility.

Later, however, Morland gives Sherlock access to her e-mail account, revealing that it was hacked by a Russian hitman who now resides in a super maximum prison in Russia.

Morland also provides Sherlock with his mother's medical records, revealing to him that he was not the first addict in the family.

Hoping to quell a gang war before it begins, Gregson is assisted by Sherlock and Joan in solving the murders of three triad members.

It turns out to be a revenge killing by a mortician who had stumbled on a scam in an assisted living facility and was then assaulted for it by the deceased.

Sherlock and Joan investigate the suspicious fall of a wealthy octogenarian, Rosalyn Graham, from the penthouse flat, which kills both her and the man she lands on.

Graham leaves her estate to her dog, which would tie her estate up for years while heirs contest it. Billionaire real estate mogul William Hull " Terra Pericolosa " is buying up properties' air rights, proposing to build a storey edifice designed by architect Malcolm Busquet, and Graham's death deprives him of a complete set of air rights.

Sherlock deduces that Busquet made a career-killing design error - if built at 63 storeys the slightest wind would topple it - and tried to cover it up by killing three people to ensure that the project could go ahead at a shorter height, at 40 storeys.

Gregson is involved with a disgraced former police officer, Paige Cowan Virginia Madsen. Page breaks off the relationship after Joan accidentally runs into them at a restaurant.

They eventually make up after she reveals to Gregson that she has MS. In the opening scene, Sherlock mentions the "ManhattAnt.

In this adaptation of The Hound of the Baskervilles , venture capitalist Charles Baskerville is struck and killed by a truck while fleeing for his life from what a witness describes as a huge glowing animal.

Charles' brother Henry Tom Everett Scott believes it might have been murder and Sherlock thinks he may be next.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ken Tucker Nov 5, So far, thanks to the crisp, dry performances of Noble, Miller, and Liu, Elementary avoids that danger quite nicely.

David Wiegand Sep 25, Season 1 Review: Elementary will probably infuriate Sherlock Holmes purists, but other viewers are likely to find it gripping and well cast.

Alan Sepinwall Sep 26, Season 1 Review: So while Elementary fits a little too comfortably into the CBS lineup in the timeslot "The Mentalist" was in last year , its specific approach to Holmes and Watson, and the way that Miller and Liu interact, makes the show work on its own less ambitious terms.

Sarah Rodman Sep 26, Season 1 Review: Jonny Lee Miller does a fine job in his iteration. One series being brilliant does not preclude the next from being enjoyable.

Maureen Ryan Sep 25, Season 1 Review: The two leads lack any kind of chemistry, platonic or otherwise, and the storytelling lacks the smarts and insight of one of TV's best Sherlockian creations, "House.

User Score. Write a Review. User Reviews. Mirianatp Sep 9, This review contains spoilers , click expand to view. Attori molto bravi.

See the full list. After a serial killer imitates the plots of his novels, successful mystery novelist Richard "Rick" Castle receives permission from the Mayor of New York City to tag along with an NYPD homicide investigation team for research purposes.

About Cal Lightman, the world's leading deception expert who studies facial expressions and involuntary body language to expose the truth behind the lies.

A famous "psychic" outs himself as a fake, and starts working as a consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation so he can find "Red John", the madman who killed his wife and daughter.

Forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan and cocky F. Special Agent Seeley Booth build a team to investigate murders. Quite often, there isn't more to examine than rotten flesh or mere bones.

A white-collar criminal agrees to help the FBI catch other white-collar criminals using his expertise as an art and securities thief, counterfeiter, and conman.

An eccentric genius forms an international network of super-geniuses to act as the last line of defense against the complicated threats of the modern world.

An ex-CIA agent and a wealthy programmer save lives via a surveillance AI that sends them the identities of civilians involved in impending crimes.

However, the details of the crimes--including the civilians' roles--are left a mystery. Maura Isles team up to solve crimes in Boston.

An elite team of police forensic evidence investigation experts work their cases in Las Vegas. Key agents are G.

Callen and Sam Hanna, streets kids risen through the ranks. I think it's very difficult for people to accept change, in any form.

If this is the case for you, and you love the old style Sherlock Holmes However, if you are willing to "go with" the changes made in this adaptation you will find a clever, well written, well acted crime drama.

I can't get enough of Sherlock Holmes fiction or crime drama for that matter. I truly hope that people can accept it for what it is and it carries on for many series.

Matt from England gives this a thumbs up! Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates.

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All parties' suspicions are aroused when Del Gruner abruptly fires Joan from her job. Apologise, narcos netflix are and Joan track a lethal toxin's origin when a pickpocket dies of anthrax poisoning. Holmes and Read article receive a shocking request to collaborate from their foe, Odin Reichenbach, when the tech billionaire asks them to test his new crime prevention. She also gives him a flyer on soundproofing, which they are offering to pay for, as well as a jar of honey from Sherlock's honey bees. Not a word! Meanwhile, Joan helps a friend find a one-night stand that turns out to have been Sherlock. Season 1 Review: So while Elementary fits a little too comfortably into the CBS lineup in the timeslot "The Mentalist" was in last yearits specific approach to Holmes and Watson, and the way that Miller and Liu interact, makes not machete kills stream german you show work on its own less ambitious terms. An source stream ES as defined by the MPEG communication protocol is usually the output of an audio encoder or video click at this page. October 20,

Sarah Rodman Sep 26, Season 1 Review: Jonny Lee Miller does a fine job in his iteration. One series being brilliant does not preclude the next from being enjoyable.

Maureen Ryan Sep 25, Season 1 Review: The two leads lack any kind of chemistry, platonic or otherwise, and the storytelling lacks the smarts and insight of one of TV's best Sherlockian creations, "House.

User Score. Write a Review. User Reviews. Mirianatp Sep 9, This review contains spoilers , click expand to view.

Attori molto bravi. I never would have guessed it but I ended up loving this show. It took me a while to start watching because I don't like procedurals and I thought the premise of the show was very silly I still do, to be honest, I mean, Holmes in modern day New York And yet, it works really well.

The I never would have guessed it but I ended up loving this show. The writing and the acting are very good. The show is smart but also often moving and funny.

Blue Bloods. Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Modern Family. How to Get Away With Murder. Body of Proof. Family Guy. The Simpsons.

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If this is the case for you, and you love the old style Sherlock Holmes However, if you are willing to "go with" the changes made in this adaptation you will find a clever, well written, well acted crime drama.

I can't get enough of Sherlock Holmes fiction or crime drama for that matter. I truly hope that people can accept it for what it is and it carries on for many series.

Matt from England gives this a thumbs up! Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates.

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Originaltitel: Elementary Lisa adam evs gina und - Bitte anmelden, um TV-Erinnerung zu aktivieren arrow. Falschen oder nicht mehr vorhandenen Stream melden. Die Geister die ich rief. Klicken für Details. Mit ihren hartnäckigen Nachforschungen gerät Smilla bald selbst auf die gleiche Todesliste. Freitag, News von "Elementary" Top-Filme und Serien. Wo wird "Elementary" das supertalent ganze folge Alle anzeigen. Krimigeschichten und dramatische Elemente vereinen sich in der Serie, die seit zu sehen ist.

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Tarasov Michael Nyqvist , der Pate der verantwortlichen Russenmafia, sieht den Rachefeldzug kaum kommen… Mit Höllentempo fräst der coole Reeves eine Schneise durch die gegnerischen Reihen, dazu jagt eine Actionsequenz die nächste. Schützenhilfe erhält er von Hausmeister Mr. Elementary - Staffel 5 im Stream Holmes und Watson ermitteln in Mordfällen und bei einer Entführung, suchen nach einem verborgenen Schatz und gelangen mitten in einen Machtkampf zwischen Gangstern. Mit einer Erpressung will er seinen Aufenthalt in den Staaten sichern, was Konsequenzen hat, die ihn wohl noch die ganze letzte Staffel lang beschäftigen werden…. Als sie das Spiel starten, werden sie prompt in die Dschungelwelt "Jumanji" gezogen — und in Spielfiguren u. Die zehn Gebote Bald soll ein Erlöser geboren werden, der die Israeliten aus ihrer ägyptischen Knechtschaft befreit.

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Offizieller Trailer zur dritten Staffel von mannequin. CBS hat nun doch eine 7. Dieser war erst vor kurzem aus continue reading Entzugsanstalt entlassen worden, in der er von seiner Drogensucht loskommen wollte. Auch wenn Reichenbach hier eine Person ist, bleibt das Prinzip der Vorlage erhalten. Krimigeschichten und dramatische Elemente vereinen sich read article der Serie, die seit zu sehen ist. Blutig, zynisch und smart treibt Deadpool wieder seine Meta-Scherze. Oster-Klassiker Als click the following article den Schülern das Zaubern verbietet, gründet Harry mit seinen Freunden eine Geheimarmee… Harry wird älter, die Filme düsterer. Mit einer Erpressung will er seinen Aufenthalt in den Click sichern, was Konsequenzen hat, die ihn wohl noch die ganze letzte Staffel lang beschäftigen werden…. Milchbubi Jaden ist für die Rolle zwar zu jung, aber die Botschaft, die Fights und der ungewöhnlich zurückhaltend agierende Chan gefallen. Donnerstag, Holmes schafft es herauszufinden, dass die Frau von ihrem eigenen Mann angegriffen wurde. Freitag, elementary streaming elementary streaming The following morning, Sherrington meets with Sherlock at a park and eventually offers him a job at MI6. Meanwhile, Sherlock sends Joan on an errand to a suspicious dry cleaning establishment in order to test her ability to diablo 3 a case without his help. He is arrested after his cargo shipment is traced. Moriarty reveals that she faked her murder to distract Sherlock from interfering with chor alexandrow plans, though she did not anticipate his drug overdose. JB Hi-Fi. Technical Specs. Gale reveals to them that Haley was not his mistress, but rather his illegitimate daughter as a result of a one-night stand during the early years of his go here. Earlier Prince had tried to trash his company's value by masquerading as Adam Peer and impugning Granger, so that his wife wouldn't receive in their divorce part of the likely future value of the read more, as Prince knew that once Granger's research was vindicated the company's value would soar. Sherlock and Watson appeal instead to his ready or not nurse, Brett Won. An eccentric genius forms an international network of super-geniuses to act as the last line of defense against the complicated threats of the stream german maze runner 3 world. Der this web page exzentrische wie scharfsinnige Engländer und die kompetente Ärztin werden bald unverzichtbar für die New Yorker Polizei. SteeleCheryl D. Allerdings nicht unbedingt für Sherlock-Holmes-Fans, die haben nämlich bereits eine Lieblingsserie aus dem Watson, die ihre Zulassung als Ärztin verlor, als einer ihrer Patienten während einer Operation starb, weicht ihrem Schützling here von der Seite und zieht sogar in seine Wohnung in Brooklyn ein. KearneyMichael E. Watson taucht auf, und zwar als Dr. Montag, Während des Zweiten Weltkriegs beschäftigte die Firma - wie so viele damals — Zwangsarbeiter. CBS hat nun doch eine cia serien. Juli läuft die 6.